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    The second session of antibody drug industry development conference will be held in Shanghai longzhi
    On October 19 solstice 20, the second antibody drug industry development conference hosted by biologics and antibody circles will be held in Shanghai longzhimeng hotel. Hui DE yi as the sponsor of this conference, will be waiting for your presence in booth 5!
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    Autumn Beijing 2019 huide chromatography new technology seminar
    We was held in the conference center of zhongguancun life science park. Many pharmaceutical companies and guests from the park came to the conference. Together witnessed the release of QuikSep A1 chromatography system, a new product of H&E. Secretary-general liu from China pharmaceutical enterprise development and promotion association delivered a speech on the spot, expressing his ardent expectation for the development of independent equipment in the biomedical industry.
    Thanksgiving great benefit, full fall -- you buy me to send!
    H&E for many years is committed to serving biopharmaceutical and scientific research institutions, for your research and production needs. In the teacher's day, Mid-Autumn festival and National Day approaching, special launch Thanksgiving back to old customers of large promotional activities!
    Beijing 2019 huide chromatography new technology seminar & QuikSep A1 automatic chromatography n
    As a national key pillar industry of innovation driven and transformation and upgrading in China's economy, the pharmaceutical industry, with the rapid development of domestic biopharmaceutical field, has increasingly high requirements on downstream purification process and equipment, and users urgently need sanitary, efficient, economical and convenient purification equipment and consumables.
    "2019 natural organic (pharmaceutical) chemical peak BBS"
    On July 28, "2019 natural organic (pharmaceutical) chemical peak BBS" was successfully held in lanzhou university. Lin academician of Chinese academy of sciences, professor stone mountain taken zixin deng academician, Chinese academy of medical sciences, Peking University professor tu pf hundreds of related fields such as well-known scholars attended the conference present, to show the results come in natural medicine in recent years, the development of natural medicine in China for the future road to provide the way forward.
    Industry elites gather for continuous flow technology seminar
    Yesterday, the international continuous flow chromatography seminar jointly organized by Merck, huideyi and ChromaCon was held as scheduled in kingdee software park, chenhui road, Shanghai. Industry elites and technical experts attended the conference. Hui DE yi will continue to work hard for the development of bio-pharmaceutical, natural products, chemical drugs and other pharmaceutical technology, and grow together with customers, create brilliant!
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    Resin filler
    Macroporous adsorption resin, polyamide resin, ion exchange resin, Dowex fine spherical ion exchange resin
    QuikSep Prep chromatography system
    Production automatic chromatography system Industrial-grade Medium-Low Pressure Chromatography Systems
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